Intellectual property surrounds us. From patents, protecting the components in the PC, tablet or mobile you are currently using; to designs, protecting the distinct shape of the device. Trade marks adorn the products we consume and the advertisements we are exposed to; and copyright protects the content we watch on TV, listen to via streaming services, and read on the internet.

And it’s important. IP incentivises and rewards innovation. Without it, technological advancement – and the social benefits that follow – would be stifled, and creativity and cultural vitality would suffer.

Despite this, many aspiring entrepreneurs, business leaders, and investors would benefit from a better understanding of how to leverage IP to serve their business strategy and fulfil commercial objectives. To help, we’ve delivered a series of FAQs covering the three cornerstones of IP: patents, trade marks, and designs. See below for more information and to visit the FAQ pages.


We demystify patents, helping you get to grips with the basics, before exploring the fundamentals of strategy and how to enforce your protection - and avoid infringing on that of others.

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Trade Marks

Protecting your brand is an essential part of your business's strategy. Learn the basics of trade marks, brand protection strategy, and how to enforce your trade mark, whilst avoiding infringement.

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Designs can be often overlooked in a business's intellectual property strategy. We clarify misconceptions and teach you the basics, as well as the fundamentals of design filing strategy and how you can enforce your protection.

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