How to scale a successful food & drink business

Attend our ‘How to scale a successful food & drink business’ event on 21 November.

Building a successful business in the food & drink sector isn’t easy, but if you get it right the rewards can be significant – the industry contributes more than £31 billion to the UK’s economy.

That said, it is a crowded space which makes it hard to come up with something new and it’s all too easy to clash with someone else. Add to this ever-shifting consumer trends and increasing regulation on salt, sugar and the like and it quickly becomes clear why this industry is such a tough nut to crack. But for the companies who get it right, the food & drink sector is a fabulously exciting space to be.

Whether you’re nurturing a heritage brand that’s been around for decades, making your first foray in the burgeoning export market, or building a brand right from scratch, you have the chance to connect with consumers in a uniquely emotional way. Consumer brand loyalty should never be underestimated whatever you’re selling, but it’s even more vital in this sector where almost every buying decision is based on emotion and feeling. This means that getting the brand right and protecting that brand is absolutely critical to your success (along with having a great product, of course!).

Join us for a panel discussion on 21 November where we are delighted to be joined by John Eastaff, Investment Director at Peter Jones TV (who is responsible for managing Peter Jones’ portfolio of businesses, including investments made on the BBC TV series Dragons’ Den), as well as Adam Sopher of Joe & Seph’s and Raheel Rehman of Annabel Karmel. The event will provide a fantastic opportunity to network with successful food & drink brand owners, as well as learn from a seasoned investor in the sector.

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13:30 – 14:00 arrivals and registration of attendees

14:00 – 15:30 panel discussion (including Q&As from the audience)

15:30 – 16:30 networking



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