Dispelling the myth that you can’t patent big data projects

Big data as a term is a broad church that encompasses a range of innovation. The technology itself has evolved dramatically from the relational databases of the 70s, through to modern processing techniques for unstructured and structured data. Today,’big data’ is often used synonymously with data analytics and data science,...

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Patent Eligibility tests at the UK IPO – before or after inventive step?

The UK IPO and EPO each take a different approach to patentability of computer implemented inventions. One of the most contentious issues in this area and one which is significantly affecting efforts to harmonise tests globally (see the recent paper from the AIPPI study group on CII) is consideration of...

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Success for Areva NP demonstrates strategic power of appeals

Earlier this year the EPO Boards of Appeal decided (in case T0625/11) to overturn a decision from the Examining Division and allow a European patent application for an invention relating to software. The patent application was filed by Areva NP, a French company involved in the design and supply of...

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Rowena Price at Bread & Jam

Rowena Price recently presented at Bread & Jam, the UK’s first food founders’ conference dedicated to emerging and scaling food and drink brands, where she discussed how businesses could protect their brands and attract investment, whilst also addressing some of the common misconceptions surrounding intellectual property in the sector. Here are the...

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Graphical User Interfaces – don’t believe everything you read

You may have read in the past that Apple had a patent granted for their ‘slide-to-unlock’ concept and that they were suing rivals for infringement of that granted patent. You may also have read, or been advised, that it is not possible to patent software and that you can’t patent...

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