Thursday 14 March 2024 | 1:30 – 3:30 (GMT)

What will the talk cover?
In the dynamic realm of innovation and therapeutics, a new age of genetic medicine is upon us.  Precipitated by the fast-track approval of mRNA-based vaccines for COVID-19, cell and gene therapies are now coming to market on a regular basis and potentially disrupting the traditional small molecule-based approach to pharmaceuticals.  Drug developers are now faced with more options for modalities for treating diseases of interest.  Should they proceed using a traditional small molecule approach, or would the patient and the payer be better served by a cell or gene therapy approach?  Cell and gene therapies are potentially curative with a single dose but can come at a significant fiscal cost and largely unknown risk profiles, whereas small molecule approaches are much less expensive and easier to transport and administer, but require ongoing administration and can have potentially more significant off target effects.  In this discussion, we will consider the scientific, regulatory, intellectual property, clinical and fiscal advantages and disadvantages of these different treatment modalities and we will speculate as to what the future will bring.  Are cell and gene therapies more effective for certain indications?  In indications where small molecule assets are currently available, is it worth developing cell and gene therapies?  These and many more questions will be discussed and debated but fundamentally, which therapeutic modality makes the most sense from a scientific, business, and investor perspective?

Who will be speaking?
Leading this workshop is Professor Tony Sedgwick, the self-professed With a distinguished career in life sciences spanning academia and business, Tony brings a wealth of experience as a trained pathologist. His impressive achievements include serving as the Global Head of Clinical Trials at Roche AG, holding the CEO position in four life science companies, chairing over 10 companies, and assuming various roles within the academic community. Additionally, Tony is an active psychologist, leveraging his insights to fuel his passion for community group development with an “Agile” approach. In the past year, Tony achieved bestseller status in the STEM Business Management category with his book “The Mighty Advisor.

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