Agri-EPI Centre Virtual Conference 2021: The Path To Sustainable Farming




Agri-EPI Centre Virtual Conference 2021: The Path To Sustainable Farming

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Thursday 28th November 2021, 9:00 AM –  3:00 PM (London UK – BST)

Agri-EPI Centre’s annual conference brings together key stakeholders from across the agriculture sector, offering an opportunity for farmers, agri-tech experts and academics to connect, network and discuss crucial matters facing the industry.

This year’s theme, The Path to Sustainability, encourages attendees to consider agri-tech’s role in the future of farming and how it can support farms to improve productivity, sustainability & resilience across the diverse range of soils, systems, objectives and infrastructure that comprise the UK farming sector.

Graham Spenceley will be taking part in the panel discussion ‘Developing Agri-Tech to Delivering On-Farm’. It can be hard to imagine the development from abstract sci-fi concept to practical on-farm solution. This talk will explore the agri-tech journey from developing software and tech solutions to delivering them on-farm.

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