Alistair Holzhauer-Barrie

Addressing discretion at the UKIPO

In a recent decision the UKIPO had to consider a party seeking to invalidate a design for lack of novelty in view of an earlier filed Chinese design patent and public sales pre-dating the application date of the UK design. In short, however, the meat of this case is a...

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Shining a light on evidence at the UK IPO

With Brexit approaching and companies insuring against the uncertainty that brings there has been a steady uptick in registered design filings over the last three years. This may ultimately lead to more infringement and validity cases making their way through the courts in the UK, including at the UK IPO....

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Wisdom of the crowd: how to make sure IP doesn’t derail your crowdfunding efforts

Startups raising hundreds of thousands – even millions – of pounds via Kickstarter may be rarer than it once was, but crowdfunding remains a popular method of fundraising. There are a myriad of options, whether you go down the equity crowdfunding route offered by the likes of Seedrs, CrowdCube, and...

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