Philippa Makepeace

Chemistry and Modern Innovation: Part 2 Advancing Chemical Understanding

Our previous article ‘Chemistry and Modern Innovation: Part 1’ outlined the ways in which chemistry has facilitated developments in other industries, looking at a number of innovations reliant on chemical products and processes. In this article, we will consider how chemical innovation itself can be improved using technologies developed in...

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Chemistry and Modern Innovation: Part 1 Chemistry Catalysing Innovation

Perhaps more often than you might expect, chemistry plays a key role in the technological advancement of our modern society. Today, chemical products and processes actuate innovation across a highly diverse range of industries, from electronics and digital, to sports, automotive, fashion and pharmaceutical. Similarly, emerging technologies developed in other...

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Giving Sustainable Innovation the Green Light

With the return of the BBC’s ‘Blue Planet’ highlighting the damaging effects of environmental changes on our oceans’ inhabitants, the continued need for sustainable development and environmentally-friendly innovation is once again at the forefront of public debate. Green Technology Governments and companies all over the world are both promoting and...

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