Jo Smith

Secretarial & Process Manager

Heading up the secretarial team leaders, Jo is responsible for the overall management of all the Chemistry & Life Sciences, IT & Engineering and Trade Marks secretarial teams.  This involves working closely with all the practice group secretarial team leaders to ensure their teams work to the standards and procedures required.

Jo’s role also covers overall management and implementation of firm-wide procedures which the secretaries and records team follow, and to supplement any specific client requirements.  Jo also oversees the recruitment, training and cross training of the secretarial teams.

She works directly with the various practice groups and support managers within the firm.

Jo joined GJE in July 1982 as a patent secretary and has over 39 years of experience in the IP profession, previously working in both IT & Engineering and Chemistry & Life Sciences.  Jo worked her way up to partner’s secretary before being promoted to secretarial team leader in 2011, process and change manager in 2015 and secretarial and process manager in 2021.

Jo is a member of CIPA, having passed the CIPA administrator’s course in 2012.