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Tom Blackburn

Trainee Patent Attorney


Tom studied Chemistry at Durham University, spending the final year of his Master’s degree working in industry on a project for a multinational materials and chemicals company. The project explored the thermomechanical properties of novel polymer resins to improve the sustainability and lightweighting of composite materials used in aircraft.

Career History

Tom joined GJE in 2021.

Tom Blackburn

Trainee Patent Attorney

Tom is working towards becoming a fully qualified UK and European Patent Attorney.

Tom works in a wide range of fields including chemistry, pharmaceuticals and industrial chemical processes, with particular focus in the prosecution of UK and European patents relating to polymer chemistry and battery technology.

Main specialisms
Tom specialises in polymer chemistry and materials science, working closely with a number of clients in the industry to maximise the potential of their IP portfolios. In particular, Tom has experience working in the fields of:
• polymer chemistry
• pharmaceuticals
• battery technology
• nanochemistry
• advanced composite materials.

Tom enjoys his work with a diverse range of clients, from small start-ups looking for investment to multi-national chemical companies. Tom has been involved in prosecuting numerous patents both in Europe and outside, in the US, Japan and Australia.

Outside of work, Tom has spent time living in Madrid and has a keen interest in cricket, football and foreign languages.