Computer Technology

Asda suffers setback for fintech invention

Walmart’s venture into the world of financial services and suffered a setback courtesy of the UKIPO in its recent decision regarding Walmart’s patent application. The US retail goliath applied for patents in relation to its mobile payment invention in the US, Canada, Japan, China and the UK, and was on...

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Getting your IP strategy right: when filing a patent application is not the answer

In a recent UK-IPO hearing, Mr James Powell had his self-drafted patent application refused on the grounds that his invention related to a mathematical method and business method. It was also found that the application lacked sufficient detail and did not disclose the invention clearly and completely enough to be...

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Halliburton achieve a full-house of rejections

Toward the end of 2017, the UK IPO issued a review of a decision to refuse Halliburton’s patent application. Halliburton managed to complete the full house of having the application refused for relating to a computer program, a mathematical method and presentation of information — they were collecting exclusions! Rather than...

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When does a computer program operate at the level of the architecture of a computer?

In a recent UK-IPO hearing UK company ProProcure Ltd had its (first and only) patent application refused because the invention related to a program for a computer as such. Under UK law the contribution of an invention must not solely relate to a program for a computer.  A “technical” contribution...

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Decision demonstrates difficulties when patenting computer implemented inventions in the UK

In a recent hearing at the UKIPO, Canadian company Thoughtwire Holdings Corp were unsuccessful in arguing that their patent application – “Method and system for sharing data between software systems” – related to more than excluded subject matter. The invention related to a system for sharing data between multiple software...

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