Thursday 3rd February 2022, 2pm – 3pm

What will the talk cover?

Many companies are now platform based or use software to drive their processes and customer interaction. How that software can be protected from competitors is often a concern for companies, but frequently overlooked. There is also a view that Intellectual Property (IP), and patents especially, cannot be used to protect software. This is a myth; so, to help dispel that myth, in this talk, we will discuss what IP protection is available for software and computer implemented innovations and how to go about securing the IP.

To help guide attendees, this will be accompanied by examples of where patent protection is available for software, and where it is not, along with real world examples where patents have been obtained for software related technology.

The talk will also include a recap on the core areas of IP and some of the everyday IP practicalities that can enhance the value of a company, which we covered in detail in our previous talks in February and March 2021.

Key takeaways

  • Guidance on what IP is available for software and computer implemented innovations
  • Pointers to help identify when software may be patentable
  • When IP protection can be of use to startups and fast growing companies

Who will be speaking?

Alistair Holzhauer-Barrie is a UK and European Patent and Design Attorney and Senior Associate at GJE with over a decade of experience in the industry.

Alistair works with a wide range of technologies in the physics, engineering, electronics and software fields, drafting and prosecuting patents for medical devices, camera equipment, musical instrument interfaces and many others innovative products and processes. In addition to this, Alistair focuses on advising start-ups and SMEs on intellectual property strategy and how to tailor their IP, including patents, to a business plan making sure the IP complements the strengths of a business and can be used to enhance the growth of a business.

The experience Alistair has gained from his focus on IP strategy, patent drafting and prosecution has led to him successfully obtaining grant of patents that protect products with multimillion sales values and playing a key role in the IP due diligence on a company acquisition worth tens of millions of pounds.