Subsectors of “computer-aided surgery”, such as surgical robotics, virtual and augmented reality systems and machine learning fall at the intersection between a number of complex and changing areas of European patent law, meaning that applicants face significant challenges in navigating the various legal restrictions to achieve the broadest protection justified by their innovation.

Recognising the rapid pace of innovation and the specific challenges faced by applicants in this field, GJE’s MedTech team have been focussing throughout 2021 and 2022 on developing resources to support innovators seeking to protect computer-aided surgery inventions in Europe. The aims of the report are therefore to (1) present the findings of our research into the current patent landscape; (2) explain the latest important legal developments in Europe and (3) provide practical guidance on preparing strong patent applications to achieve the broadest protection for inventions in this area.

Read the report: Computer-Aided Surgery: Patent Strategy in Europe

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