Ross Cummings

Pilots4U Workshop

Ross Cummings will be speaking at the Pilots4U Workshop ‘Scale me up, Scotty’ on 18 April in Brussels. The workshop will present and discuss different open access cooperation models and highlight common agreements regarding Intellectual property rights. The workshop intends to inform (and discuss with) pilot infrastructure owners and users...

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Asking the right questions to optimise life sciences IP

This article was originally published on Biotech and Money. Supporting commercial goals by asking ‘why?’ As there is no one-size-fits-all approach to developing an effective IP strategy, GJE ensures it has a thorough understanding of its clients’ objectives and developments within their businesses so that it is able to offer the...

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Biotech vs Medtech: Differences in Mapping an IP Portfolio

This article was originally published on Biotech and Money as a two-part series. Read part one here. IP portfolio management is often overlooked, but is extremely important if the goal is to protect products or services in the most cost-efficient way possible. However, the process of mapping an IP portfolio to...

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Biotech vs Medtech: Divergence in Intellectual Property Strategy

The landscape of innovation and investment in the healthcare sector has changed dramatically with the digital revolution and the rise of medtech – the physical devices used in healthcare – ranging from drug delivery devices to diagnostic kits and software for the interpretation of health and wellbeing data. Investors in...

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Loss of priority leads to revocation of key CRISPR patent at European Patent Office

In a previous article, we reported on the preliminary opinion of the Opposition Division issued during the opposition to the Broad Institute’s European CRISPR patent EP2771468. Yesterday, the oral hearing before the opposition division at the European Patent Office (EPO) deciding this matter was concluded with complete revocation of the...

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