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Stephen Haley

Managing Partner

Stephen Haley | Patent Attorney


Chartered Patent Attorney
European Patent Attorney

Stephen graduated from the University of Birmingham with an Honours Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Other Languages: Japanese

Career History

Stephen joined Gill Jennings & Every in 1992 and qualified as both a Chartered and European Patent Attorney in 1995. Stephen joined the partnership in 1999.

Prior to Gill Jennings & Every, Stephen worked for two years as an engineer for Pioneer Corporation in Japan.

Stephen Haley

Managing Partner

Working for a number of international and UK-based companies, Stephen has extensive experience in obtaining patents for clients in a wide range of technologies, including software-related inventions, optical recording media, avionics, telecommunications, packaging and air conditioning technologies. Current clients include: Panasonic, Sanden Corporation, JTI, Dowa Electronics, St Jude Medical, The Technology Partnership, Schlumberger, CERN and The University of Cambridge.

Stephen’s time is divided almost equally between domestic and international clients. The clients range from academic institutions through to large multinational corporations.  He supports the larger corporations in the cost effective management and prosecution of large patent portfolios.  Smaller clients tend to seek support in developing strategies for protecting their IP in a manner which advance their business objectives and meet their long term ambitions for growth.

Stephen has handled a large number of hearings at the European Patent Office, particularly in relation to software-related inventions in the fields of gaming, avionics, system control and signal processing. He has worked in supporting a number of corporations in the development of their IP strategies worldwide. He also has a great deal of experience of protecting a wide range of consumer products through the registered designs system in the UK and overseas.

Stephen is always interested in understanding in detail the objectives of any business that he supports so as to provide advice and support that is tailored to the needs of that business.

Stephen is a keen skier and regular tennis player.