The Royal College of Surgeons’ “Future of Surgery” report recently identified a number of advances in technology that are radically changing the way surgery will be delivered, with the aim of making surgery more personalised, less invasive and ultimately to improve patient outcomes. This area of technology encompasses, in particular, surgical robotics, virtual and augmented reality systems and machine learning, which we refer to as subsectors of “computer-aided surgery”.

The rapid pace of innovation in this area has been reflected in rapidly growing patent filings across the subsectors of computer-aided surgery. However, these technologies fall at the intersection between a number of complex and changing areas of European patent law, meaning that applicants face significant challenges in navigating the various legal restrictions to achieve the broadest protection justified by their innovation.

Recognising the pace of innovation and the specific challenges faced by applicants in this field, GJE’s MedTech team have been focussing throughout 2021 and 2022 on developing the resources to support innovators seeking to protect computer-aided surgery inventions in Europe. Our aims are to (1) present the findings of our research into the current patent landscape and review the strategies being followed by the leading companies in this field; (2) explain the latest important legal developments in Europe and (3) provide practical guidance on preparing strong patent applications to navigate the relevant legal restrictions.

Our multi-disciplinary team have specialist technical experience in this area, some developed across earlier careers in academia and industry. Combined with our research into the current patent landscape and understanding of the latest legal developments, this allows us to offer specialist advice to applicants to help them navigate the shifting legal restrictions and achieve the full extent of the protection their innovation deserves.

How can GJE’s specialist team help you protect your computer-aided surgery invention?

In order to secure the best future for your business you need advice from the right experts on how to develop an IP strategy that fits with your technology and supports your broader business plan. GJE can help you get this right and make sure that your business is in the best possible position for future success.

Whether you are a fledging start-up seeking seed funding, a fast-growth SME scoping Series A or B funding opportunities, or an established company looking to streamline its IP portfolio or secure a lucrative exit, we can help you.

We can help you:

  • Develop an IP strategy aligned with your business objectives
  • Protect your innovations, brands and designs
  • Increase the value of your business
  • Enhance your attractiveness to investors
  • Create and maintain a competitive advantage by establishing barriers to market entry
  • Manage your IP portfolio and ensure cost efficiency
  • Appoint, train and oversee your IP steering committee
  • Regularly review your IP strategy to ensure it remains aligned with your commercial objectives.

We have developed packages to help you achieve these objectives. Our advice helps business owners – at whatever stage of their lifecycle – maximise the commercial value of their intellectual property. Find out more here.