Whether it is visible or not, chemistry is a driving factor in nearly every field of industry. However, it is the commercial application of chemistry that interests our specialist Applied Chemistry team.

As both qualified chemists and highly experienced patent attorneys, our job is to work out exactly how to protect the tangible end result of every type of chemical innovation. We do that to ensure a successful commercial future for the consumer product it finds itself a part of.

Our clients include some instantly recognisable international names and the work we do for them covers the production of some of the world’s leading consumer products and the chemical processes that create the different components that go into those products.

We have a strong success record in all areas of industrial chemistry; a list that includes catalysis, surface chemistry, electrochemistry, polymers, process chemistry, the manufacture of smart materials, semi-conductors and nanotechnology. We also do a sizeable amount of work in the CleanTech arena with clients involved in energy needs and usage reduction, carbon capture, CO2 reduction, biodegradables and nature-inspired materials.

From a commercial perspective we have helped our clients apply their particular specialism to a range of industries including steel production, insulation materials, hi-tech, telecoms, FMCG, inks, coatings and the automotive industry.

We have also developed a unique portfolio of fixed fee consultancy services designed to meet the different needs of businesses at every stage of their life.

If you are a new young businesses, our Innovation Capture Session will help you identify exactly what innovation you have and how best to protect that innovation in line with your business plan. If your business is more mature, our IP Audit will provide a comprehensive review of your existing IP rights and IP strategy to make sure both still map exactly to your business plan and commercial objectives.

Meanwhile if you are an investor, our Due Diligence Investigation will scrutinise the IP that sits behind the business you are looking to invest in to give you the insight you need to evaluate the potential risks and potential returns associated with your investment.

We will also help you manage the various risks that may arise as your business develops. Our Patent Risk Evaluation service will help you work out how thorough an FTO you need to undertake to bring a new product to market by assessing your commercial circumstances against your appetite for risk. And, should you find a competitor is infringing your IP rights or has accused you of infringing theirs, our hugely experienced contentious team have a long and very successful history of mounting and defending patent oppositions in front of the European Patent Office.

Whatever you need and whatever stage you are at, our attorneys will work with you to ensure your IP continues to sit safely at the heart of everything you do, working as hard as possible to strengthen the value of your business.

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