Building a successful food, drink or hospitality business isn’t easy. The number of recent restaurant closures is testament to that. With an increasingly crowded marketplace, it’s hard to come up with an interesting new concept, not to mention the challenge of choosing a brand which doesn’t clash with someone else’s.  Add to that increased regulation on salt and sugar content, as well as the potential new requirement for calorie labeling on menus, and it’s clear that businesses in this sector have got their job cut out.

But for the companies who get it right, the food, drink & hospitality sector can be an exciting place to be. Whether you’re nurturing a heritage brand that’s been around for decades, bringing a new product to market, or developing a destination venue, you have the chance to connect with consumers in a unique and emotional way.  Consumers often build deep and long-lasting connections with food and drink brands, particularly where there is a story around provenance. If you can tap in to that emotional connection, you may be on to a winner.  This means that not only do you need a great product or offering to succeed, but also a great brand and intellectual property protection.

In the last few years, thanks in part to industry initiatives, government help and a consumer-led drive on provenance, there has been a significant increase in the number of new businesses looking to make their unique mark on the food, drink & hospitality industry. With this, new trade mark registrations and patent filings in this industry are ever-increasing.

This is where GJE come in.

Whether you’re an established multi-national business or an ambitious start-up, we use our technical expertise and experience in the sector to help you achieve long-term success. Our dedicated team of patent and trade mark attorneys have a real understanding of food, drink & hospitality companies and a genuine appreciation of the tough commercial realities of this sector.

Our experience includes:

  • Helping you pick the right name for your product and checking you’re safe to use it without infringing anyone else
  • Protecting names, logos, branding and packaging through trade mark and design registrations at home and abroad
  • Developing commercially-based brand protection strategies for all kinds of businesses with our proprietary BrandLaunchTM and BrandCheckTM packages, specifically designed to help new and more mature businesses
  • Drafting patents and providing freedom to operate analysis in the fields of food science, packaging, processes and production
  • Defending and enforcing your rights against third parties, including opposing third-party patents and trade marks, defending your patents and trade marks against incoming oppositions and handling trade mark infringement and passing off cases
  • Developing strategies to protect your international growth and safeguard your exports, as well as protecting your brand in transactions with distributors, retailers and other business partners
  • Producing intellectual property reports for boards and investors and helping you navigate due diligence

In short, we use our knowledge and experience to help you grow and protect your business through your brands and intellectual property.  Every company’s business and journey is different, but our underlying aim is always to build value and increase revenue, based on our understanding of you and your business.

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