The photonics sector has been expanding at a tremendous rate in recent years with estimates suggesting that the field of photonics will be worth €650 billion by 2020. In recognition of the importance of photonics, the UN General Assembly made 2015 the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies. Sector growth looks likely to continue well in to the next decade as there still remain key technical areas for development and challenges facing the scientific and engineering community in this field. From developing solar cells capable of surpassing fossil fuels as our main energy source, to improving efficiencies of LEDs, advancing research and innovation in this field is at the forefront of many research institutions and companies’ minds. With these advancing developments it is important that the products created are sufficiently protected from an IP perspective, helping to stimulate further advances and innovation.

Having the correct IP strategy in place is critical for business success. Whether you are a start-up, spin-out, looking for investment, or a large multinational already well-established in the photonics sector, Gill Jennings & Every has the depth of experience necessary to ensure the correct IP strategy is in place for your business.

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Our expertise

At GJE your photonics-related needs will be handled by our specialist team whose combination of technological experience and legal knowhow will ensure that your IP is in safe hands.

Our attorneys have a wide range of first degrees, from Physics to Electrical Engineering, providing us with a strong grounding in all areas of photonics. Some of our team have also been involved in more specialised research in closely related fields, including obtaining doctorates in Laser Optics and Solid State Lighting, with one member having had over 10 years of academic research experience in Laser Physics and Non-Linear Optics including an extensive publication list in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Collectively, the team has experience in protecting a wide range of technologies including; fibre optic transmission for undersea cables, optical modulation, semiconductor bandgap engineering, photonic crystals, LEDs, head-up displays, optical imaging devices, CCDs and photodetectors.

We have experience working with a range of diverse clients, from start-up companies, SMEs and University spin-outs to large multinational corporations. We are able to advise and act on all IP matters, including: freedom to operate (FTO) Opinions, drafting and filing patent applications, infringement advice, design protection, IP licencing, EPO oppositions and revocations.

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