Scott King

Abstract Data Analysis is difficult to patent unless some practical applications are included

A recent decision at the UKIPO (BL 0/381/17) demonstrates that applicants should be wary in the way in which they describe and claim inventions that involve data analysis.  In this decision, Agilent Technologies’ patent application was facing a “full-house” of excluded subject matter objections.  The examiner had asserted that their...

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Decision demonstrates difficulties when patenting computer implemented inventions in the UK

In a recent hearing at the UKIPO, Canadian company Thoughtwire Holdings Corp were unsuccessful in arguing that their patent application – “Method and system for sharing data between software systems” – related to more than excluded subject matter. The invention related to a system for sharing data between multiple software...

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Intellectual property and disruptive technologies: how to protect your innovation

In today’s digital-driven economy there is hardly an industry that is not evolving through digital innovation. The IP needs of those disrupting an industry are different from those of the incumbent companies, but are no less important. A well thought out IP strategy is absolutely necessary for a startup to...

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Strategies for capturing IP at dawn

Recent predictions from analysis firm Research and Markets estimate that the global market for photonics crystal components and modules will be worth $20.4 billion by 2017, and the global silicon photonics market worth $1.96 billion by 2025. With this surge in innovation the photonics market will become even more crowded,...

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