Alan Murphy

Before GJE…

I was at UCL studying for an MSci in Physics. Like many students, it was only in my final year that I started thinking about my career. Bizarrely, it was through a foreign television series that I first found out about the patent profession, and after searching about the job I liked the sound of it so much that within a couple of weeks I was applying for this position.

What attracted you to GJE?

Having researched the firm online, it was clear to me that GJE was known across the world for its IP expertise and business ethics. What really struck me though was just how friendly the staff were when I contacted the firm regarding my application. Meeting the people at GJE during interviews and experiencing the friendly culture at the firm helped me make my choice.

What other career options had you considered?

When I was thinking about my career, one thing I was certain of was that I wanted to remain connected with science. I also had a lot of experience with teaching and tutoring, so it was clear that any other career choice would have involved communicating and discussing technical ideas. In that sense, the most likely alternative career would have been to stay in academia or even to become a teacher.

What is your impression of the culture here?

Coming straight from university I was really nervous about being a new starter at a firm in ‘the city’ and I had prepared myself for an awkward first few weeks. It came as a huge surprise to me when I received such a warm welcome to the team. My impression is that the staff are extremely knowledgeable and professional, and always very willing to help – it’s great motivation to have so many role models to aspire to!

What have you been involved with since starting at the firm?

Within the first couple of weeks after joining I was dealing with the prosecution of patents for big multinational corporations as well as SMEs; this involved researching the technology, engaging with the client, and preparing communications to the Patent Office. It was a massively exciting moment for me when I sent my first ever email going out to a client with my own advice about getting their patents granted.

As I continue to gain experience, I have been attending client meetings and I have drafted patent specifications for inventions at the cutting edge of technology. It’s a very rewarding type of work, and although there’s certainly a steep learning curve, the team at GJE are there to help with anything at all.