In many industries, what a product looks like is now just as important as how it functions – and sometimes even more so. Not only can the appearance of a product cause a consumer to select that product over those of competitors, but it can become a defining part of a brand’s identity. As a result, companies now spend a huge amount of money in creating the right look for their product. Designs are intellectual property rights which exist to protect that investment.

There are two broad categories of design protection available: registered designs and unregistered design rights (UDR). As the names suggest, the primary difference is that registered designs must be applied for by the owner of the design, whereas UDR arises automatically upon the creation of certain qualifying designs.

We can advise on both registered designs and UDR, in the UK and Europe as well as around the world, and so can help you to find the most appropriate routes to obtain the design protection you need.

Following the UK Supreme Court judgment in the well-known “Trunki® vs. Kiddee” case (PMS International Group Plc v Magmatic Limited) using an experienced designs attorney has now become even more important for design protection. The case highlighted how the manner in which a design is represented in the design registration directly impacts on the scope of protection afforded by the registration. We can help and guide you on the best portrayal of your design to ensure maximum protection.

View our designs team here by filtering by service. If you would like to know more about how our expertise in this area can benefit your business then please get in touch. We welcome enquiries and will be delighted to explain in more detail why you should consider GJE for your IP needs.


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