One of the advantages of registering designs in the UK and Europe is that they are not substantively examined.  This means it’s relatively inexpensive and quick to obtain a registration.  However, it opens the door for revocation and cancellation actions, which is how third parties can attack potentially invalid designs.

The designs team at GJE is experienced in registered design revocation actions.  The absence of any formal examination process means that registered designs can often be treated as a “file and forget” right.

However, the validity of designs can quickly become complicated.  Whether it be using EU trade mark rules to delay an infringement proceeding in the EUIPO – known as an “Alicante torpedo”, or dealing with a national revocation action in the UK, our experienced team can guide you through every stage of the design revocation process.

No two revocations are the same, so it’s important we understand how the revocation will benefit your business in the long term.  We’ll then put the best interests of you and your business at the heart of the strategy we develop to defend your design or revoke someone else’s.

Throughout the process, our team will put their technical and legal skills to work alongside the insight of your team to build a strong case.  We’ll give you clear guidance on the expectations and the costs, so you have the information you need to make decisions and inform your wider team.

Finally, when a revocation action reaches a hearing, be it in the UK or EU, you can rely on GJE’s extensive experience in oral advocacy to present a robust case.