Freedom to Operate

When planning to launch a product with a new appearance, a risk exists that a competitor may hold an existing design registration that would be infringed by your new product.  Therefore, as with most other forms of intellectual property rights, to minimise your potential liability it is usually prudent to consider the risk from existing design rights before launch.

At GJE, we are experienced in offering freedom to operate (FTO) analysis and clearance searches, which can help you understand and mitigate the risks that may exist for your product and help avoid legal problems later down the line.

To maximise the effectiveness of an FTO analysis and minimise the risk of launching a new product, it is important that the right FTO strategy is devised.  Our attorneys are experienced in assessing the commercial landscape surrounding a product launch and factoring in the various business needs of our clients to ensure that our analysis is targeted and effective. Although any freedom to operate search cannot provide absolute assurance, we provide clear advice to enable you to understand, quantify and minimise the risks associated with potentially conflicting rights.

GJE’s experienced UK and European design attorneys have helped clients in many different sectors to launch their products successfully and with peace of mind.  As well as advising in relation to the UK and Europe, with the support of a strong network of trusted overseas attorneys, we are able to assist our clients in launching their products around the world.

Irrespective of their size and nature of business, we advise our clients to consider their options and formulate an FTO strategy from the start. If risks are identified that do require action, there is often more room for manoeuvre if these can be identified at an early stage. Being well prepared for the risks that exist in the marketplace can ensure that your product launches smoothly and avoid costly legal problems down the line.

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