The design team at GJE is experienced in registered design revocation actions.  As a result of the streamlined process for registering a design in the UK or in Europe, which involves no substantive examination, registered designs can often be treated as a “file and forget” right.  However, when you are on the receiving end of an attempt to revoke a registered design you own, or believe a competitor has obtained a registration they should not have been able to get, it quickly becomes clear how complex the validity of designs can really be.

At GJE, whether it be handling an “Alicante torpedo” on a European design registration at the EUIPO, or dealing with a national revocation action in the UK, we have the experience and depth of knowledge to guide you through the revocation process.  No two revocations are the same, so we take the time to understand your goals and consider those of the other side.  This allows us to advise you on the best strategy for defending your design or seeking to revoke someone else’s.

When considering a national revocation in the UK, we will discuss with you which forum to choose in order to allow you to seek the outcome you want in a cost-effective manner.  If the action is on a European design registration, we will discuss how best to approach the process applied by EUIPO.  For any revocation matter, we will use our technical and legal expertise to thoroughly consider all the aspects, working closely with your own team, to build up the case for you.

Finally, when a revocation action reaches a hearing, you can rely on GJE’s extensive experience in oral advocacy to present a robust case.

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