The world around us is changing. Where self-driving cars and automated drones were once a fantasy, these technologies are fast becoming a reality. Computer technology now touches our lives like never before and current investment in exciting new technologies, such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence, shows that this trend is set to continue. Behind nearly all of these technological breakthroughs is a host of computer-implemented inventions.

As computers become increasingly important in our lives, patents are becoming increasingly important within the computing industry. Computer technology regularly outperforms any other sector area in terms of the number of patent applications filed. These applications are originating not only from software-orientated companies but increasingly from more traditional companies in different sectors who are now developing innovative computer-based solutions to help prepare for a digital future.

Understanding the threshold for what qualifies as a patentable computer-implemented invention is notoriously challenging and is even an area of active change at various patent offices around the world. GJE has a deep understanding of where this threshold lies, due to our daily interaction with patent offices on this issue. Our attorneys are also involved in professional associations committed to lobby and consult with government on changes and developments in the law.

Amongst our rank are attorneys with personal expertise of working in computer technology in industry. We also have experience in advising clients across a wide range of different technological areas, such as cloud computing, e-commerce, telecommunications, content-centric networks, apps and user interfaces. In short, we are passionate about computer technology.

Our specialist Computer Technology team has a wealth of dedicated resources on IP issues in cutting-edge industries – you can view these by following the links below.

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