While there was a time when industrial engineering projects may have been undertaken by a handful of people, advanced engineering in the modern world demands technology involving cutting edge and innovative solutions that can require teams of tens or even hundreds of people with incredibly specialised knowledge working towards a common goal. With such significant time and money being invested in developing high value products and processes, it is clear that intellectual property has an important role to play in ensuring that this significant investment in the engineering design process is properly protected.

The attorneys at Gill Jennings & Every have a keen understanding of the importance of intellectual property to our clients in the advanced engineering space and have built up decades of experience in delivering IP solutions that best serve our clients’ interests. Whether it be patenting important innovations, recognising opportunities to protect ideas as trade secrets, or helping clients navigate the competitive IP space through infringement advice and in freedom to operate projects, we have a proven track record of ensuring that IP works for our clients.

The advanced engineering team at Gill Jennings & Every includes a mix of chartered engineers, engineering graduates and those with keen personal interests in the advanced engineering sector. We also have experience in advising clients across a range of technological areas, including Aerospace/Space & Defence, Automotive, Clean Tech, Marine, Oil & Gas, and Sports Tech.

Our mixture of relevant technical backgrounds and diverse professional experience means we are confident we can hit the ground running, no matter what technology your business specialises in and no matter what IP challenges you face.


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